Jacket in a Small Cage

₴3,850 UAH

The jacket in a small cage never goes out of style, so you can combine it with any element of your wardrobe. This timeless piece will allow you to style your outfits as classics, adding a special touch of elegance to them. Take a closer look at what’s in your closet, and you’ll realize that the jacket can be perfectly combined with your favorite shirt and a feminine dress. This versatility is also facilitated by the well-thought-out palette of the item, which is made in green or brown. These are the basic shades that are inherent in most modern styles. A win-win option is a jacket with a skirt, which will not only look feminine on you but also give you confidence. This way you can go to a business meeting or a restaurant.

100% polyester guarantees record wear resistance, and ease of care, and no lints appear even if you wear it every day. It should be washed in a delicate mode with a water temperature of up to 40°C or by hand. You’ll also enjoy wearing this item because it’s very pleasant for the body.


Polyester 100%

Care recommendations

  • Dry clean or machine wash at 30°C
  • Do not spinning

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