Striped Knitted Polo Shirt

₴2,250 UAH

A striped knitted polo is a stylish addition to your look that will give you confidence and emphasize how feminine you really are. This clothing came from the men’s wardrobe, but very soon it became the option chosen by strong women. Even though at first the polo was an element of sports style, now it has added versatility, so you can safely wear it under jeans and trousers. The advantage of the model is that it can hide figure flaws, for which it is enough to simply partially tuck it into your pants. In the warm season, the polo allows the body to breathe thanks to its loose fit, so you will feel comfortable in any situation.

Stripes never lose their relevance, so even if trends change at the speed of light, your favorite thing will always be fashionable! In addition, white and blue are basic shades that are harmoniously combined with all the others, so you don’t have to puzzle over what to choose to match each other.

Care recommendations

  • Dry clean or machine wash at 30°C
  • Do not spinning

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